Monday, March 7, 2011

Recipe Testing for Dynise Balcavage "The Urban Vegan" newest cookbook - part 4

Substantial Mix-n-Match Salad

Mango (Passion-less) Sorbet

Mushy Peas

Post-Race Protein Shake

Sticky Rice with Mango

Chocolate-Dipped Things

Baked Polenta Fries

Easy Apple Tarts

Orange-Soy Seitan Tenders with Polish Pimped Mashed Potatoes & red kale


Babette said...

I don't have her first cookbook, but those pictures really make me want to get her second book. Looks so good.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

I recommend both!

Unknown said...

Some lovely looking recipes here! I wish I'd have snapped up the name 'Vegan Vice' (although I am of course more than happy you have it!) because my name is Danny Vice! Well, it's actually Danny Vice-Holt now as I'm married but I was born Danny Vice. You have some great recipes on your site and I love that Vegan food is your particular 'Vice'. If you have a moment, would you mind checking out my own blog site & recipe ebook? I'm a vegan chef based in the UK and I'm currently writing my first full, ready to be published, on paper & everything cookbook. If you have a moment to go to and check me out, that would be great. Cheers from one Vegan Vice to another!

Danny Vice (Holt)

Mel said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy I stumbled on your site. These recipes look wonderful! My husband and I are exploring our vegan-curiousness for the next 3 weeks. I prefer this way of eating but my husband is a real meat and potatoes Iowan. I feel pretty confident that he'll be able to hang in with the change to vegan with access to recipes like this (particularly your Orange-Soy Seitan Tenders). Can't wait to try them!

Anonymous said...

Mango with sticky rice!! My favorite!! Love the blog :)


mosuavea said...

My sister is a vegan, and I am always looking for things to cook that she can eat when she is visiting. Awesome pictures!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

turquoise cro said...

MMMmmmmmmmMMMMMMM! Everything looks soOOOOo YUMMY!!! Thank YOU! for the wonderful Bike Birthday card and $$$$$$$! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! to YOU and YOURS!! sweetie!!Sending LOVE and PRAYERS, Cinda

Xiao Kang said...

looks yummy and delicious! thanks for the great recipe!

turquoise cro said...

Merry Christmas darlings out in California!!!! Didn't know YOU moved!!!! LOVED the Christmas card, what a Beautiful family!!!