Sunday, December 23, 2007

Special Lunch @ Native Foods

We were going to have lunch with one of my favorite people..... KAREN!

We were meeting her at Native Foods in Costa Mesa. The girls and I were early, so we explored The Camp, which is the eco-friendly shopping mall where NF resides.

The girls enjoyed running up and down these steps, relaxing in the hammock, and listening to giant wind chimes up above.

After enthusiastic greetings and photos-ops, we sat down to lunch.

Karen and I shared nachos, pizza, and edamame, all of which was very delicious.

But, it was more than food. We were excited to see each other and catch-up. We had a lively lunch full of conversation, and laughs, and the patio was a perfect setting to celebrate being together again.

I was super impressed with the children's menu!

This is what Abi had: "Save the Chicken" Nuggets, with brown rice, dipping veggies with Ranch, and a mango smile. Abi really enjoyed this, and I would have been perfectly happy with this meal myself. She let me have a nugget, and it was delicious!
Liv had the "Cheese" Pizza with banana slices on the side, which was also quite tasty.

After lunch, we took Karen with us to The Farm at The OC Fairgrounds. This is a favorite stop for us and you can see more about the farm here and here.
Karen had a special way with the animals. They must have sensed her warm and caring spirit. They'd go to her, and she would rub their heads or scratch their ears and talk to them dearly.

We were all happy piggies that day! :)


Anonymous said...

is nice to see so much fun!!

have a great holidays!

VeggieGirl said...

so lovely to see that you had a nice lunch AND a nice visit with dear, sweet Karen!! yay!! aww and the pigs are too cute!! :0)

Happy holidays, Vicki!

bazu said...

Happy holidays!

Looks like you and Karen had a wonderful time together with the kids. I went to Native Foods last week and had the nachos... yum!

Carrie™ said...

Awww! You got to visit with Karen. Awesome!! Abi's lunch DOES look good. Cute plate too. I would love to check out The Farm. Sounds like such a cool place.

vko said...

That is so nice to meetup with Karen and to go to Native Foods!

Love that piggy headed Karen's way- too cute.

anywhere_Smile said...

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