Friday, June 9, 2006

Apple-Hemp Muffins & Hemp Brownies

I was pretty excited to finally find some hemp seed nuts at the Co-op, even if it was just 3 lonely bags sitting in the cooler. I snagged myself a sack and then it was just a matter of deciding which recipe from Vive le Vegan! to use them in. It was Dreena's description that convinced me to make these muffins: "Moist, lightly spiced muffins with the added nutrition of hemp seed nuts. These are easy and quick, and sure to please both kids and adults!" Sounded perfect to me, and they were. I baked 10 smaller sized muffins, and 2 larger heart shaped. This was my first time eating hemp, and I expected a stronger flavor, but it it sorta disappeared once cooked ~ no nutty crunch. I can see where these nuts would be easy to add to a recipe to gain the nutrition and not distract from the other flavors. Just yummy muffin goodness.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a box of Organic Hemp Plus Brownie Mix by Nature's Path on a Midweek Munchies run. They look pretty good, don't ya think? We were craving chocolate & excited to try them, so each of us took a big, confident bite expecting the yummy goodness of a brownie...only better. I must say we were disappointed and didn't go beyond the first bite. They were dry and flavorless ~ how could that be with such a rich chocolate color? Anybody else tried this or other Nature's Path products? Next batch of brownies will be recipe testing for Catherine, & I'm really looking forward to that! I still have brownies on the brain. :o)

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Anonymous said...

You know, I tried these too and they were bad bad bad. I also was really sad about the way they tasted since they also looked very yummy. I hate when that happens. There's no worse feeling then a recipe or dessert turning out bad, even if it was a mix. I always think "am I the only one this happened to? if not, how can they sell this?"