Monday, July 17, 2006

Restaurant Review: Sipz & meeting KleoPatra

I was more excited than ever about having dinner at Sipz. First off, this is an all vegetarian & vegan restaurant - just knowing that we could order anything off the menu was enough to make me giddy, but also, this is THE restaurant that KleoPatra raves about in her blog, pisces place. Add to all of that the fact that we were actually meeting Kleo for dinner! This was my first experience meeting someone that I met via the computer, so it was a monumental meal for me. Art & I were early, so we wandered into an awesome thrift store next door, which supports animal rescue & had tons of vegan literature. Art scored some rare vinyl - which Kleo joked could easily have been donated by her since she frequents & supports this place. In thrift stores, I usually head to the kitchen stuff & books, but this time somebody had beat me to it. But, I didn't leave empty handed, as they had a display with some great literature on global warming and veganism. For dinner, we all shared some veggie drum sticks, which is something we can get at a restaurant in town (Mai Thai) - they are really good. Art & I both had the Sweet & Sour Chicken entree with rice, which we agree is the very best we've ever had...I mean ever. I think Kleo had Chow Mein with soft noodles & mock chicken. Kleo had extensive knowledge of the menu, so it was fun to talk it over with her about what we might order. In fact, everybody working in the restaurant seemed to know & adore Kleo - they'd come by the table and say hello to her and make sure the food was just right, and it was.

After dinner, we went to Pacific Beach (where Art & I used to live) and walked Kleo's super sweet & soft dog, Mattie, along the boardwalk. It was refreshing meeting someone whom I have so many things in common - including our love of animals, concern for the environment and our impact on it, a plant based diet, living in San Diego, and of course, blogging. I'm sure glad we met, and thanks for a wonderful evening, KleoPatra!!

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