Monday, November 20, 2006

Carrot Bisque & Contemplating Thanksgiving

I made more soup. This is 'Carrot Bisque' from VwaV, pg. 56. I couldn't help myself making more soup. We had a house guest who wasn't feeling well. Poor guy. That calls for soup, don't cha think? This was the first recipe I found which I had all the ingredients on hand. Lots of carots and coconut milk are signature flavors here, which is a win-win in my book. It was creamy delicious, and I'd serve this one to company. If you're still meal planning, this would be a classy first course at your Thanksgiving table. So easy, too -- just make it the night before.

I was so excited (and surprised!) to see my newspaper run this story last Friday, 'Meatless Thanksgiving - It isn't easy, but it's doable and tasty." They included 9 vegan recipes, websites with more info, and even some tips on ingredients needed.

Our current Thanksgiving Meal plan:
Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing (FVSC)
Idaho Mashed Potatoes
Mi-So Good Gravy (TEV)
Best Brussels Sprouts (VLB)
Curly Kale w/Caramelized Onions (VegTimes)
Cut-out Spelt Biscuits (VLB)
Tofurky Roast
Cliff's Cranberry Sauce
Art's Sweet Potatoes
Art's Green Bean Casserole
Viennese Apple Strudel
Pumpkin Tofu Pie (newspaper article)


Carrie™ said...

I found something similar in my newspaper last year. Isn't it great!? Sounds like you've got a wonderful menu planned. You should serve some Ste. Chapelle with it!

I really enjoyed your video. I'm a bit chicken when it comes to home canning, but seeing you do it makes it look easier than I would have thought. Keep the videos coming! I love your new blog.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Vicki, I know I read your menu on my blog, but I'm glad to see it again. Additionally, that is so fantastic to see you in your newspaper. Earlier today, my boss asked me if I could eat anything at thanksgiving, and I got to explain to him what I was making and that I looked forward to this all year : )

Urban Vegan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Vivki. That's quite a spread you have planned. How wonderful that your newspaper featured a meatless holiday.

Eat Peace Please said...

Vicki, what a fantastic menu. I wish I was going to an all vegan thanksgiving. Even a vegetarian one would be ok.

I'm anxiously awaiting photos and a video of Art's food in the making.

Anonymous said...

wow what a great menu! i cant wait to see the photos. wishing you a good weekend and thanksgiving day!

bazu said...

Oooh- I love your new home- glad I found you here!

And that is so cool that your newspaper published that article with all those vegan recipes! That really makes me happy. Hey, you're not secretly a newspaper journalist, are you...?

Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving, and I want pictures!!

creative kismet said...

I've got a similar menu planned out. I'm making the kale from veg times too. Have a happy thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see the Meatless Thanksgiving article. What a breath of fresh air! Your menu sounds delicious. I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving with your family.

Catherine said...

Love the new digs, Vicki, and Happy Thanksgiving! I wish I was coming to your house . . . I'm thankful my friend invited me along to her grandparents, but I have a feeling I'm going to eat mashed potatoes (plain,) veggies, and pie for my meal! Oh well -- at least there's pie, right?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your new pad! It would be nice to see pics of your Thanksgiving meal if you take some! Have fun.

Candi said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Your menu sounds very good!!

How great is that newspaper article?! I can even forgive them for saying "It isn't easy." Sure it is! Lol! I love how they included the recipes!! :) Makes you feel great to see stuff like that.

laura jesser said...

Your menu looks great--I can't wait to hear about it!

I found a meatless Thanksgiving article too--it makes me happy. :)

Isil S. said...

Your menu sounds amazing. I also cant get enough of soups these days. cheers

tara said...

Hope your holiday was great. That menu sounds wonderful. :)

Elizabeth said...

The Oregonian even had a Vegan Thanksgiving feature story. Amazing! Seems like vegetarianism and even veganism is getting on the radar.

The Mumbai Vegan said...

super Yayyy!! for the awesome thanksgiving menu!! sounds totally delish....