Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Vegan Dog Biscuits

Jolie is dreaming about cookies beside her new 'Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Set' from the PETA catalog.

Urban Vegan hosted the tART contest, and the prize was a gift certificate from PETA.

Seems appropriate that the prize should benefit the only (official) animal in the house.

The set includes:

* Five Ways to Be Your Dog's Best Friend
* Vegan Dog Biscuits Recipe
* 7-piece Cookie Cutter Set

Here's Liv mixing the ingredients, while arranging the Cookie Cutters (big bone, medium bone, baby bone, dog house, big fire hydrant, baby fire hydrant, & dog paw).

Rolling out the dough.

The recipe yielded two packed cookie sheets for us, and we utilized each cookie cutter several times. About 35 biscuits.

PETA has lots of other cool things for animal companions that you may be interested in. When I grabbed the link, I saw a funny cat puke hazard sign for the floors.

Finally, Jolie's moment comes!

The taste test.

And.... She loved them! Schnup quickly ate as many as she could, and she wouldn't lie just to make us feel good.

I've seen her gobble up barf like it were a delicacy.

And, be finicky and refuse perfectly good food.

She eats what she likes. No excuses.

Jolie loves vegan treats -- here's a link with many recipes.

This is Jolie's special trick. She wins hearts over every time with this one.

She will stay like this as long as it takes. Then, after we say "OK", she'll toss the treat in the air, and many times she'll catch it in her mouth. It's impressive!

I didn't realize when I bent the dog bones to squeeze them on the cookie sheet that they'd be a perfect curve for her nose! Yeaah, for Jolie!

What can your animal companion do that's special?


Turquoise CRO said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE this!!!! Isn't Jolie a dollbaby??? and Look at Olivia roll those biscuits out! Too CUTE!!!! SWEET post Vicki!!! xooxoxooxoxox to all the Hodges! PS. LOVE your video too! LOL

Diane Strong said...

Your pics are so much fun, and website so amazing!!! I've posted Schnup's dog bisquit picture, as well as your website URL on my blog "Pet Pourri", check it out at the Reader's blog's section of Seattle