Monday, May 12, 2008

So Cal.... So Nice

We had a blast in Santa Monica! We rented bicycles and cruised the boardwalk taking in the scene. Then we hung out on the pier before heading to the beach.

The girls took naps on the way to the Grandparents where they would spend the weekend.

Art & I were on our way to San Diego!

We picked up 4 orders of our favorite 'Sweet & Sour Ckn' from SipZ to-go. We downed 2 of them on a bench in Pacific Beach watching the surfers.

We stayed in our friend's pool house, and we ate the other 2 orders of sweet & sour beside the pool.

Our friend also loaned us a couple bicycles and that is how we got around. Riding bikes along the boardwalk is one of my favorite things in life.

But it made us hungry, and we were ready for something else! We found our way to
Veg-N-Out in San Diego's North Park area.

I had a 'B.B.Q Chick'n Burger' and Art tried the 'Dijon Chick'n Mushroom burger', both with the house salad. We shared an order of Onion rings.

It's a small, casual, vegan & vegetarian restaurant with a patio to enjoy. Great food!

We were at the Goodwill on Garnet, when I looked across the street and saw this brand new sign. We walked over and the owner was literally painting the walls of this not even opened yet restaurant. Right now, they have the store open with all kinds of raw & vegan supplies. Next time we're in San Diego, we'll try Synergy. The owner told me they have raw vegan ice-cream!

I picked up a bracelet and vegan bar for my good friend who I was about to see.....

It was awesome to see
Karen. We caught up to her in La Jolla with Mattie and friend Barney. We had a great time chatting it up, and she gifted me a big bag of birthday goodies. What a sweetie-pie! Thanks, Karen!!

Back in LA, we wanted to go back to the Hollywood Farmer's Market. We couldn't resist getting more soul food from A Taste of Life, including black eyed peas, macaroni & chz, bbq tofu, greens, rice, and cornbread.

We ate it on the curb with everybody else. So delicious, and all vegan.

I also picked up a mango-raspberry-peach cobbler from CobblerMania. They sell cobblers at several Farmer's Markets, and their slogan is, "So good you'll (want to) slap somebody!" Can't say I had that impulse, but it was very delicious. The cobbler has a hand-rolled crust, is dairy and egg free and sweetened with Agave nectar. All the cobblers, including peach, apple, pear, and rhubarb are made with fresh, hand-cut fruit.

Then, we picked up one of these unique bouquets for my Mother-in-law for Mother's Day.

We've been having a great time here, and I'm really amazing at all the new veg eateries.

Hope you are doing great, and I'll be by to say hello soon. :)


VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, Santa Monica is such a fun place to visit!! Glad you guys had a great time.

GORGEOUS flower bouquet - happy belated Mother's Day! :0)

aTxVegn said...

Happy Mother's Day, Vicki! I'm so jealous every time you go to California...

Theresa said...

All the pictures are so sunny and gorgeous!! It's good that you're having fun and eating so well!!

julie hasson said...

Your trips to LA always look like so much fun! I hope you had a very happy birthday.

Your girls are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

oh, i love SipZ and Veg-N-Out! Seems like it's time to visit the bf's relatives in San Deigo :]

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

oo and Happy Momma's Day, too!

trina said...

What a great vacation! And happy birthday and mother's day and all that too!

Candi said...

you have so much great easy access food out there! really its so great!! Happy Everything Vicki!!

DJ said...

Wow - how idyllic - Happy Mother's Day, and good eating!

Jackie said...

Sounds like you had a marvellous time.

What wonderful flower bouquets, I bet your Mother in Law loved it.

Tanya Kristine said...

that's so cool you saw Karen. and it's even cooler that you met her here!

Anonymous said...

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