Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 Ways to Save the World

1. Cut out the meat. Cows require 8-10 lbs. of grain to produce 1 lb. of beef, and they consume half of all the antibiotics used in the USA, and livestock is a bigger source of greenhouse gases than the transportation sector. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce 1 lb. of meat, but only 25 gallons to produce 1 lb. of wheat. The world's cattle alone consume a quantity of food equal to caloric needs of 8.7 billion people -- more than the entire human population. Nobody should be going hungry if we were all consuming our fair share.
2. Avoid packaging and processing. Buy more corn on the cob than corn chips. In many cases, companies use even more energy packaging the food than making the food itself.
3. Buy local. Shop farmer's markets, or become a member of a CSA. You'll get the freshest food possible and keep farmers in your community. Click here for CSA options near you.
4. Choose organic. Organic agriculture minimizes our exposure to toxic and persistent pesticides in the soil, air, water, and food. Let's reduce chemical use.
5. Cook and eat together. Americans are eating more calories than ever before, and spending less time and energy preparing food. Eating wholesome foods doesn't have to chain you to the kitchen. A head of broccoli can be sauteed with garlic in the same amount of time it takes to get fast food. Don't forget the original fast foods: an apple, some nuts, edamame. They'll satisfy your cravings -- and your conscience.

So, if you want to change the world, change what you eat. Food is the area of your life where small modifications can have a big impact. YOU can have a positive impact on global warming, your water supply, community stability, family welfare, your health and appearance, and the beauty & integrity of your regional landscape. Go here or here to begin.


VeggieGirl said...

Great list!

Catherine said...

AMEN to that!

julie hasson said...

Awesome list Vicki!

Jennie said...

I wish we had CSA's where I live. That would be awesome! Great list!!!

seitanismymotor said...

Well said.

aTxVegn said...

Great list, Vicki. Now if we could just get more people to care.

Urban Vegan said...


And AMEN to your list. Give Jolie a belly-rub for me.


Vegan Diet Meals at Fast Food Restaurants said...

Sounds like being vegan has an impact not only on yourself but everything around you :)