Sunday, March 26, 2006

Arborio Stuffed Peppers

I made stuffed peppers for Abi's birthday party. I was excited because Art figured out why we could never find risotto at our stores. Well, actually we could only find risotto that was pre-flavored & boxed. We wanted to use our own flavorings, but couldn't find it in a bag like other rice. Turns out that we should have been looking for something called "arborio". What's up with that? Anyhow, I made 2 kinds of risotto stuffed peppers -- mushroom & black olive. At the party, I was at the back of the buffet line, and I ended up with a mushroom pepper..ughh, my luck! 50/50 chance & I get a mushroom pepper. I hate mushrooms! But, I ate it anyway because I had made them the night before and a black olive pepper had been calling my name since then, and I was going to eat one no matter what....even if it was mushroom! I actually liked it...mushrooms and all. I put a spoonful of petit peas in the bottom of each pepper -- my friends were surprised & happy at the unexpected, also noting that the green and orange were pretty together. This was a festive party food that we'll do again. It was also fun making them & so took some photos of the process. (btw: I can't figure out why, but my thumbnails are a box & you'll get a large version...)

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