Sunday, October 22, 2006

Greens Restaurant & The Marina (San Francisco Post 1 of 3)

OK, so what I didn't tell you is that while the Grandparents were in town, Art and I left town! We cashed in on some frequent flyer miles and visited San Francisco for a couple days. The first night, we stayed with some dear friends -- I asked Lorna where we could get some vegetarian food, and expected her to suggest Millennium (which is where we had reservations for the following evening) but she didn't. She said the place she hears the most about (she's omni) is Greens Restaurant. This photo was taken at the Marina with Alcatraz behind us -- right before going to Greens!

Greens has been around for 26 years setting the standard for gourmet vegetarian cuisine. You can enjoy the open, art-filled, floor to ceiling windows with sweeping views of the Marina, Golden Gate Bridge, and Marin Headlands --- or get Greens to go with their convenient take-out picnic fare counter. Greens serves gourmet vegetarian & vegan cuisine using only their homegrown & organic produce -- the diverse menu changes daily.

This is my lunch:

Mediterranean Sampler --

French lentil salad with lemon, mint and ricotta salata; filo turnover with leeks, fromage blanc and thyme; roasted pepper hummous; green, yellow wax and romano beans with tarragon vinaigrette; grilled pita bread; spicy tomato jam; olives. $13.75

Art's Lunch: (for once I'm glad I ordered mine and not his!)

Asian Tofu Sandwich --

Grilled tofu in spicy peanut sauce with pickled carrots, jicama and cilantro on Acme petit baguette. Served with little gems, tat soi, grilled shiitake mushrooms and sesame ginger vinaigrette. $9.75

I loved this restaurant! It was an outstanding feast for the eyes and mouth -- the view couldn't get much better & the food was perfect.

Our own fault, being tourists, we got lost finding this restaurant. Art, like some men, refuses to use a map. We finally gave in and called and they said it was across the street from Safeway supermarket at Laguna & Buchanan. We found a Safeway on Market Street between those streets and, coincidentally, it was the wrong Safeway, the restaurant is located in the Marina area in the Ft. Mason complex. We eventually crossed up to the right side of town to find the correct Safeway between Laguna and Buchanan, and thankfully, Greens was right there with easy parking access and a superb environment.

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