Friday, March 2, 2007

1 Year Blog Anniversary & Highlights

This month marks one year that I've been blogging. I began when a friend told me about her new blog, but I didn't start food blogging until I stumbled across Vegan Lunch Box, which completely fascinated & inspired me. I began stocking my cabinets with unknown items like tamari, agave nectar, nutritional yeast, & the like. At the same time, I began buying in bulk what would previously have taken us months or even years to consume, like maple syrup, molasses, and whole wheat pasty flour. I started collecting and studying vegan cookbooks. Blogging has been such fun for me, if not addicting. I'm constantly learning new things while cultivating meaningful relationships. It's a wonderful connection -- sharing what we learn & pulling our collective forces to make positive impacts on this Earth.

Here are a couple more new items in my kitchen. I used carob powder in the above most unfortunate cake, which was 'Jen's Chocolate Cake' from How it all Vegan! Art's 17 year old food processor broke, and tainted the batter with hard plastic shrapnel. Luckily, I've been promised a new one for my blog anniversary gift. (don't ya love made-up holidays which bear gifts?!) I didn't want the cake to be a total loss, so I iced it with some canned frosting we don't use anymore, but didn't want to toss. I lost interest in this project very quickly and was ready to cut my losses. However, the smell of chocolate was in the air and the natives were hankering for it. So I quickly made some cupcake to keep the peace.

'Sexy Low-Fat Chocolate Cupcakes' from Vegan Cupcakes. I just substituted chocolate soy yogurt, chocolate soy milk, and added 2 tablespoons of my carob powder. I frosted them with a simple vanilla soy milk & powdered sugar mixture, and topped some with coconut flakes and dried cherries. These had a delicate chocolate taste and disappeared really fast! And now, some personal favorites & highlights of the year for Vegan Vice:

Cutest Dog Appearance
Most Enjoyed Ice-Cream
Most Delicious Cookie
Best Original Recipe
Favorite Monkey Recipe
Favorite Restaurant Review
Cutest Child Cooking
Most Creative Endeavor
Winning A Contest
Meeting A Cool Blogger
Best Crafty Post
Best Costume

But really, I think the best is yet to come. Thanks for playing along with me! :o)


Anonymous said...

Happy blog anniversary! i love your blog you inspired me!

KleoPatra said...

Happy Blogversary, Vicki. You are indeed a talented artist, an inspirational blogger, a creative genius, a way witty woman and, since i have been honoured to have met you online AND in person, a great friend... and i could go on and on, of course!

Ya gotta love made-up holidays! Care2 online (like a lot of sites that want you to send e-cards) has a holiday almost every day of the month! Why NOT this!?

Thanks for bein' you... looking very forward to many more years of reading your writing, drooling over your food, kvelling over your kids and dog and cheering you and Art on in all your endeavors.

Hope to see your new food processor soon, by the way. Can't wait to see all the good stuff you use it for!!

The heart cake atop and the sexy cupcakes are va-va-voom! Very seductive!!

I'm going away this weekend w/Peter to Newport Beach (and Native Foods in Costa Mesa!!!) to celebrate my b'day (Monday) but will be back and looking forward as you rstart your next year of blogging...

Go, Vicki!

Theresa said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Keep up the good blogging!

Anonymous said...

happy blogaversary!

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear about the food processor! That's a bummer. I love your look back at the last year, and happy blogaversary to you!

Carrie™ said...

Those cupcakes look & sound delicious! And I loooove the picture of Jolie! What a sweetie!
Thanks for the fun trip through your blogging adventures. One thing you missed, that I thought was really cool, was your habanero jelly video! Happy Blogiversary!

bazu said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love stopping by and seeing your cool and cute family in their various endeavors. Even though neither of us lives there, maybe our paths will cross one day in the good ol' O.C!! Native foods anyone? =)

Taylor said...

Happy birthday to your blog!

scottishvegan said...

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for popping over to my blog. You have a wonderful blog here. Your kids are absolutely adorable...and so is your dog! I loved reading your highlights of the year! The ice cream and the pumpkin were awesome!

Melody said...

Happy 1 year! Your dog is sooo much more tolerant than my dog is... lol...

Blogsophere has been so much fun! I need to check and see how long I've been blogging..

theONLYtania said...

Happy blogiversary! Bummer about your unfortunate cake >.< at least you could make a little something out of it.

Gah I'm so jealous of other peoples' cupcakes. I have yet to make fancy looking ones like that. I hate being in a dorm. Spring break is coming up.. I'm definitely going to be doing some cooking/baking at home!!

I like the highlights. I still haven't made the peanut better cookies, but now I might have to.. over spring break!! Haha.

Emmy said...

Yay! Happy One Year Blog Anniversary :) Congrats. I always enjoy reading your posts. I haven't tried the Chatfield's carob powder yet but I use their cocoa powder all the time. And I love the "blog anniversary gift" idea...I'm going to pull that one on my friends and family. LOL What a shame about Art's food processor breaking and how it ruined the cake:( It's quite impressive it lasted 17 years!!!

Those cupcakes look divine.And that picture of your dog is both hilarious and precious. Love the pink fuzziness around the birthday hat.

Dreena said...

"Happy Blogiversary to You"!

Your site is absolutely one of the most delightful vegan blogs. Your posts are creative, uplifting, insightful, upbeat and warm... you keep us wanting more!

I think you deserve a bloggy award for all the inspiration and good feelings you share about being vegan, and showing people how easy and enjoyable it can be. (And I am honored that my cookies made your list of highlights for the year. Most cool, thank you!)

Keep up the wonderful entries, we are excited to see what you bring this next year. :)


bazu said...

P.S. I don't think I properly expressed admiration for that cupcake- it looks so fancy and professional! Very chic. It's going on your next highlights list!

Urban Vegan said...

Happy blogoversary! I've so enjoyed getting to know you over the past year, Vicki. I love your blog and I love your highlights...which reminds me, I think it's time for another contest. Let me put my thinking cap on.

My blogoversary is later this month, too.

Mikaela said...

Happy, happy anniversary, Vicki! :D You're such a good momma, whipping out those cupcakes like nobody's business :)

Wishing you much love, peace and vegan goodness during the next 365!

<3 m.

Candi said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Vicki!! has it only been a year? You have such a great blog and you've made some wonderful creations and even made us a video!! :) :) It has been great getting to know you and your family, and also seeing your creative and adorable and delicious creations!

I love the highlights list you put together!! :P

Julie said...

Happy 1 year, Vicki!

Yours is one of my favorite blogs and although I don't comment a lot I look at it almost daily. Keep up the good work!

Shananigans said...

Happy Blogiversary! So glad you're part of the veg*n blog world, looking forward to lots more from you in the next year.

Vicki said...

Thank you all so much for your visit & well wishes ~ all this encouragement will keep me going for at least another year! :o)


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Happy Blogiversary! Yours is really one of my favorites : )
I've enjoyed blogging to and fro with you this past year~

laura jesser said...

Happy belated one year! I've loved getting to know you and your family and your food! Those cupcakes look amazing, by the way!

Allie said...

Happy Anniversary!

You're really adding something great to the web! Since I'm in Boise too, I've got a question for you - do you do most (or all) of your shopping at the Boise Co-Op?

Allie (groceryexplorer.blogspot)

funwithyourfood said...

Happy anniversary!:)
You know i think my anniversary came and went

turquoise cro said...

HAPPY Blog Birthday!!! Jolie looks soooo cute in her hat! Bow Wow!!! Have you gotten your new food processor yet??!!! Take care, xoCinda

bakehouse dori said...

Happy blog birthday to you also. What grand fun to dress Jolie up! Happy 2nd birthday to the little diva also.