Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ice Castles & Croquettes

To cool off the kids this summer, make 'Ice Castles'.

The night before just put water in several different sized containers, and freeze.

The next day, pop out the ice, and begin stacking and arranging to build an ice kingdom.

A pair of gloves will come in handy!

"For me? A giant ice sculpure water dish! Rrufff"

So yeah, ice castles even help keep a good dog like Jolie cool.

Once the ice starts melting a bit, it'll fuse together -- so it'd be possible to make The leaning Tower of Pisa.

A friend of mine suggested we try putting food coloring in our next batch. Cool idea. :o)

I couldn't resist making another recipe from the April '07 Vegetarian Times. '
Spinach-Basil Spread' is Julie Hasson's recipe and it's perfect for outdoor munching. It's a snap to whip up with only 6 ingredients (& would have been even easier with a food processor!), and nice to have in the fridge for anytime nibbling.

'Almond-Crusted Quinoa and Celery Root Croquettes' is from Vegan Planet (pg. 226) The original recipe calls for walnuts and millet, but this combination worked out well for me. I'm not into frying food, but really enjoyed these little nuggets. The quinoa gave it a nutty flavor, and I adore the subtle taste of celery root.

I might have to freeze the rest of my birthday cake, we just can't finish it. Is it possible for cake to be too rich?

We leave for California in a few hours, and will be there a couple weeks. (I'm seriously procrastinating all that needs to be done right now!) I anticipate lots of adventure, seeing family & friends, eating at fabulous restaurants, and shopping -- including for a new food processor. I'm sure there'll be times when I can post and visit you along the way & I look forward to that! XOXO


Dori said...

Happy Mother's Day to you btw. I can't believe you must freeze a cake, but understand the " to rich" when you only have a few eaters ... better for a party. Sound slike your upcoming trip to CA will be nice, good luck on the perfect food processor!

julie hasson said...

I love your ice castles. What a fun mom you are. My kids would have loved doing that when they were younger. I wonder if teenagers would enjoy it?

Your food looks awesome!

Have a great trip Vicki! Try to go to M Cafe if you can (it's soooo good!).


Johanna3 said...

wishing you a great trip!

the food looks good. :)

Theresa said...

That cake does look rich. Yummers. Have fun in California!

maybepigscanfly said...

Hey Vicki

Where in California are you going to be, and how long are you going to be there. I'm going home on May 25 and I'll be in So. Cal (LA area) until the 30th. If you're still there then, it would be awesome to meet up!

That dip looks great- I love basil!


Urban Vegan said...

Ice castles and chocolate cake...what a delightful combination!

scottishvegan said...

Those ice castles look like so much fun…they would be lovely if you coloured them! Hope you find a good food processor…strangely I am trying to sell mine because of our move, but it’s only a dinky wee thing…you wouldn’t want it! Hope you have fun on your Cali trip!

bazu said...

That cake looks amazing. I've yet to run into a cake I couldn't finish (except for a certain turtle truffle tart from vegweb back in the day...) but I'd welcome the opportunity!

Have fun in CA and keep us all posted!

madness rivera said...

Ah man! Great idea, and I love the gloves. Wow, the Almond Quinoa Croquettes look amazing.

Big up to Cali.

Melissa West said...

What a great idea with the ice castles. The food looks wonderful, and that CHOCOALTE CAKE! To die for! Have a great trip!

Midwest Vegan said...

Happy belated Mother's Day and Birthday to you. The cake looks so gooood! Chocolate and raspberries are my favorite taste combination.

I love the springtime ice castles. Your daughter looks like she's have a great time.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Julie: Well, we did it! M Cafe was awesome, and I'll post it soon. Thanks so much for the recommendation. :o)

Teresa: We're in Claremont & vicinity through Wednesday. Text me to meet up! 208.860.5600

Having a great time here in Cali, hitting some new vegan spots. Looking forward to unloading the camera & showing you what I found!


Liliy said...

That's a gorgeous cake. Ice castles... that's a good idea. Have fun in California!

P.S. I love the cute pics of your daughters!

turquoise cro said...

Ice castles sound like so much FUN! Have lots of FUN in Calleyfornia!!! XOXO,Cinda

julie hasson said...


I'm so glad you liked M Cafe! It's one of my favorites. Every time I hit LA I have to make a stop there. I can't wait to hear what you tried on the menu.

Have a great trip!


Carrie™ said...

Well a happy belated birthday for starters. Your cake looks marvelous darling! Rich chocolate you say? I like that!
The ice castles look like soooo much fun. What a great idea.
Have a great time in Cali. I'm sure you will. Can't wait to see what you did.

Tanya Kristine said...

i made that spread too from VT...it was very bland i thought. but i added some celtic salt and it was much better.

salt makes everything better... : )

julie hasson said...

Sometimes they tweak the recipe a bit to reduce the sodium (to make it healthier). Personally, I'm all about the salt.