Saturday, April 8, 2006


Ok, I'm not going to make anything sweet for a while. But I felt like I "had" to make these... It all started when I was buying the wraps for spring rolls and accidently bought "pasta wrappers"...well, those need to be deep fried --- ugh, so that was a waste. I went back to the store in search of "rice wrappers" and couldn't find them. Thinking that I could just substitute Fillo Dough, I bought that instead. Well, I was wrong, and instead of another waste, I decided to do something with the Fillo Dough, and that turned out to be baklava. See, I HAD to make them. This was my first time with baklava and it was a fun process. It is full of walnuts and almonds so that part is good for us!
ps - I do have rice wrappers in the fridge, and they are up for dinner tonight...and we already have dessert. :o)

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