Monday, April 3, 2006

Peanut "Better" Bars

We had a major sweet-tooth this weekend, so I found this recipe at Vegan Outreach, which was definitely a solution to our situation. These are delicious, easy to make, and you don't need a ton of ingredients on hand - but beware, they are nearly irresistible and it makes a large pan. Next time, I'll make these for a party or when there are more people on hand to help dispose of them!

1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup sliced almonds (toast them in the oven @ 325* for about 10 minutes -- next time, I'll tuck the almonds under the chocolate layer so they won't fall off)
6 cups corn flakes
1 8oz. bag dark chocolate chips

Lightly oil an 8x10 inch cake pan. Place the corn flakes in the pan.

Mix the corn syrup & sugar in a sauce pan, and bring to a light boil. Remove from the heat, add the peanut butter, and mix until smooth. Pour the mixture over the corn flakes, and combine.

In a saucepan, melt the chocolate chips and pour over the top of cereal mixture, press sliced almonds on top. Place in the refrigerator overnight and let harden. The next day, cut and serve.

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