Thursday, June 1, 2006

Veggie Ribs & Quinoa Pasta

Our dinner came from 2 boxes:

1. Veggie Ribs

2. Quinoa "Garden Pagodas" Pasta

We've eaten these veggie ribs countless times before, and Art is the only one who has ever cooked them in our family. He says that you have to follow the directions on the box precisely or they're no good. We used to eat them quite a bit several years ago, and we were disappointed that they disappeared from the face of the earth around 2000. Back then, we were kinda paranoid that the ribs would disappear because stores were slow to restock the shelves and then it would only be with 7 boxes or so. Then, the ribs would be gone from one store but still be at another. So we all started hoarding the veggie ribs and buying the shelves empty when we'd come across them. It got a little competitive.

I think Mike stock piled the most, and recently we saw him again and he gave Art 6 boxes of the ribs - partly because he knew we'd appreciate having them, and partly for old times sake. When Art worked for the Dust Brothers in 1999, the guys at the studio in Silverlake would ask Art to take a break from composing music for such things as "Fight Club" or "Santana's Supernatural" to make ribs.

I tossed the quinoa pasta with sun-dried tomato pesto, then added fresh tomatoes, green onion, and cauliflower. We both really liked the flavor of the quinoa pasta. Art even said this was the best pasta he's had, and he doesn't usually like the curly type pasta.
It's made with a nice blend of corn and quinoa.

This batch of ribs was actually better than the ones back in the day because Art used tahini instead of peanut butter. And, I'm happy to report that anybody can try these ribs. I see on our rib box a website where you can buy this and many other great vegan & vegetarian products (the link is at the top). I'm looking forward to making some fake meats from scratch like I've seen on other blogs and can't wait to compare the taste to these - our current high water mark. What is your favorite homemade fake meat?

So, here it is, dinner from 2 boxes ~ veggie ribs, quinoa pasta, and marinated cucumbers.

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